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Clear Air System

Bluefic industrial and Scientific Technologies are distinguished manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of an excellent quality clean air system. Our products are highly in demand in various healthcare sectors like hospitals, laboratories, etc due to their performance and product quality. Based in Haryana, we offer a wide variety of variants for clean air system such as air shower, Fume hood, air curtain at feasible prices to our esteemed clientele.

Our products are made from high-quality raw materials and require low maintenance. Being a major Clear Air System Exporter, we strive for maximum customer satisfaction by providing services and products that deliver on quality and durability to help maintain a long-standing relationship with our clients.

  • Laminar Air Flow

    We are one of the prime Laminar Air Flow systems manufacturers and suppliers based in Ambala City. We manufacturer world class Laminar Air Flow systems which are praised by our clients for

    • Efficient blower unit
    • Equivalent motor

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    Laminar Air Flow

  • Fume Hood

    Size : 10ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft

    Type : Fume Hood

    Material : Metal

    Shape : Rectangular, Square

    Certification : ISO 9001:2008

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    Fume Hood

  • Biological Safety Cabinet

    Cabinet Material : Stainless Steel

    Main Filter : HEPA Filter

    Sterilization : UV Germicidal Tube

    Electric Supply : 230

    Noise Level : Less than 65 db

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    Biological Safety Cabinet

  • Air Curtain

    Type : Curtain

    Color : Silver

    Feature : Anti Bacterial, Attractive Pattern, Dry Clean, Easily Washable

    Technics : Embroidered, Handloom

    Pattern : Plain

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    Air Curtain

  • Air Shower

    Type : Shower

    Material : Brass, Plastic

    Shape : Rectangular, Square

    Thickness : 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm

    Color : White

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    Air Shower

Pharmacy Instruments

Bluefic industrial and Scientific Technologies recognized as leading Pharmacy Instruments Manufacturer in Ambala offers reliable quality Pharmacy Instruments at market competitive rates to our esteemed customers. Our company is renowned for its ability to provide high-quality products as per the diverse needs of our clients in a cost-effective manner.

Based in Haryana, our products are designed for precise execution and efficiency. Being a client-centric company we value our customer's time and provide quick and prompt delivery of orders within the promised timeframe. We are involved in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting of our premium quality products all across the globe. 

  • Antibiotic Zone Reader
    We are a leading manufacturer of Antibiotic Zone Reader which is an ideal device for determination the strength of antibiotic activity, by measuring the diameter of inhibition zone in a Petri dish. Our Antibiotic Zone Reader measures the diameter of inhibition zone to 0.1mm within the range of

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    Antibiotic Zone Reader

  • Digital Actophotometer
    We are listed among the apex Digital Actophotometer manufacturers and suppliers based in Ambala City. The Digital Actophotometer provided by us consist of six built in photo sensor and four digital counters to indicate the loco meter activity. Our Digital Actophotometer measures the spontaneous and

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    Digital Actophotometer

  • Disintegration Testing Machine

    Type : Testing Machine

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Application : Industrial Use, Power Grade Use

    Color : Multicolor

    Frequency : 45Hz, 66Hz

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    Disintegration Testing Machine

  • Disintegrator

    Automatic Grade : Semi-Automatic

    Max Weight : 0-200 kg

    Power : 4-6 kw

    Finish : Color Coated

    Body Material : CI

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  • Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus

    Type : Test Apparatus

    Material : Mild Steel

    Certification : CE Certified

    Application : Dissolution Testing, Industrial, Laboratory

    Color : Multi Colour

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    Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus

  • Planetary Mixer
    We are one of the best Planetary Mixer manufacturers and suppliers based in Ambala City. We manufacture premium quality Planetary Mixer with all the necessary contact parts, namely the vessels, shaft, blades etc. Our Planetary Mixers are made from 18 gauge quality 304 grade non-magnetic highly

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    Planetary Mixer

  • Polishing Pan
    We are one of the most celebrated Detachable polishing pan manufacturers and suppliers based in Ambala City. Our polishing pans are made from coated mild steel and painted with inner lining of super canvas cloth with diameter of 12” and 8’ heights. This highly useful and durable pan has

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    Polishing Pan

  • Rotarod Apparatus

    Type : Apparatus

    Certification : CE Certified

    Application : Rotarod Use

    Weight : 10-20kg

    Color : Silver

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    Rotarod Apparatus

  • Tablet Friability Test Apparatus

    Type : Test Apparatus

    Material : Mild Steel

    Application : Friability Testing

    Color : Blue

    Voltage : 220V

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    Tablet Friability Test Apparatus

  • Tablet Hardness Tester

    Type : Hardness Tester

    Color : White

    Voltage : 220V

    Application : Labouratory Use

    Frequency : 60Hz

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    Tablet Hardness Tester

  • Tablet Making Machine

    Type : Making Machine

    Certification : Ce Certified

    Weight : 100-500kg

    Color : Blue

    Voltage : 220V

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    Tablet Making Machine

  • Student Organ Bath

    Coated : Powder Coated

    Voltage : 220V

    Usage/Application : Laboratory

    Frequency : 50/60Hz

    Phase : Single Phase

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    Student Organ Bath

  • Isolated Organ Bath

    Finish : Polished

    Usage/Application : Laboratory

    Color : Grey

    Material : Mild Steel

    Voltage : 210V

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    Isolated Organ Bath

  • Spirometer

    Type : Spirometers

    Material : Plastic

    Application : Diagnose Asthma Use

    Color : White

    Voltage : 220V

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  • Single Cylinder Pump

    Single Cylinder Pumps are the manufacturing product of our company. We are well acknowledged for the supplying of tested Single Cylinder Pumps. We have improved the standard functioning of these Single Cylinder Pumps, so that they can well utilize by the users.

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    Single Cylinder Pump

  • Student Stimulator
    We are offering a wide range of Student Stimulators, which includes Student Stimulator Transistorized and Student Electronic Stimulator. We are known for the manufacturing of these Student Stimulators that are acknowledged for their smooth functioning and accurate

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    Student Stimulator

  • Lister Perimeter

    Power source : Electric

    Usage : Hospital

    Categories : Diagnostic Equipments

    Voltage : 220 Volt

    Material : MS

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    Lister Perimeter

  • Polygraph

    Display : led

    Type : fully automatic

    Material : Stainless steel

    indication : led indication

    colour : blue

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  • Student Physiograph

    Display : Digital

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Voltage : 220 V

    Surface Finish : Galvanized

    Frequency : 50 Hz

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    Student Physiograph

  • Kymograph
    We are the prime Manufacturer and Exporter of Kymographs, which can be avail in a wide range through us. The wide range we are offering includes Superspeed Kymograph, Electrical Student Kymograph, Digital Student Kymograph. These Kymographs are widely popular for their distinctive features and

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  • Modern Operating Table
    Modern Operating Table, offered by us, developed by the team of highly qualified technologist, who have driven the every possible feature in them. We are providing them to accomplish the variant demands of these Modern Operating Tables. For that, we have positioned as the most explicable

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    Modern Operating Table

  • Martin Bicycle Ergograph

    Type : Ergograph

    Weight : 10kg, 8kg

    Color : Black

    Finishing : Polished

    Feature : Durable, Easy To Assemble, Fine Finished, Hard Structure

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    Martin Bicycle Ergograph

Scientific Microscopes

We are most prominent manufacturer and supplier of Scientific Microscopes. The clients reckon us, for our offering of an array, which includes Co-Axial Research Microscope, Dual-Head Microscope, Metallurgical Binocular Microscope, Penta Head Multi Viewing Microscope, Student Dissecting Microscope, Student Microscope, Vernier Microscope, and Monocular Medical Microscope.

  • Co-Axial Research Microscope

    We are the positions as the topmost manufacturer and exporter of Co-Axial Research Microscopes. These Co-Axial Research Microscopes are designed with utmost facilitating features, which will enhance tour work proficiency and will give you exact results.

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    Co-Axial Research Microscope

  • Dual-Head Microscope

    Dual-Head Microscope is latest development in microscopy. Provided with multiple utmost features, we have designed them for all mandatory functions. For all these amazing features of Dual-Head Microscopes, we have approach the markets with new zeal.

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    Dual-Head Microscope

  • Metallurgical Binocular Microscope
    These Metallurgical Binocular Microscopes are specially designed for mineralogy and many other branches such as ceramics. These Metallurgical Binocular Microscopes are equipped with the sensational features like Achromatic Objectives (anti reflection coating) providing high transmission, excellent

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    Metallurgical Binocular Microscope

  • Penta Head Multi Viewing Microscope
    Under the supervision of most renowned technicians, we have designed these Penta Head Multi Viewing Microscopes. These are featured with the innovative optical and structural designs, facilitating group discussions and consultation. For that, we have established ourselves as the most reputed Penta

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    Penta Head Multi Viewing Microscope

  • Student Dissecting Microscope
    Student Dissecting Microscopes are made up of supreme quality metals, which provide effective results and functioning while processing. We are delight to serve against the needs of clients, who belongs to different sections of society. With our superior featured products, we are able to carve a

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    Student Dissecting Microscope

  • Student Microscope

    Stage : mechanical with top controls

    Sub-stage : condenser with diaphragm on rack & pinion

    illumination : with reflector

    Packing : packed in thermo coal box

    Huygenian : 5x-10x-15x (any two)

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    Student Microscope

  • Vernier Microscope

    Size : 150mmx200mm, 200mmx250mm, 250mmx300mm

    Type : Microscope

    Application : Forensic Lab, Science Lab

    Weight : 0-500gm, 1-3kg

    Color : Multi Colour

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    Vernier Microscope

  • Monocular Medical Microscope

    Type : Medical Microscope

    Application : Forensic Lab, Science Lab

    Weight : 0-500gm, 1-3kg

    Color : Multi Colour

    Voltage : 220V

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    Monocular Medical Microscope

Agriculture Instruments

We are enlisted as one amidst the forefront Agriculture Instruments Manufacturers & Exporters from India. The Agricultural and Seed Technology Instruments, offered by us, have earned us loads of appreciation in the market due to the easy operation and accurate results.

  • Seed Counter

    We are reputed as one amidst the prime Seed Counter manufacturers in India. The Seed Counters have earned us loads of appreciation in the market due to the unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance.

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    Seed Counter

  • Illuminated Purity Work Board

    Drawer Capacity : 930 cc (approx.).

    Size : 50cm x 28cm x 10cm

    Color : Brown

    Material : Wood

    Pattern : Plan

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    Illuminated Purity Work Board

  • Lab Aspirator

    Hopper Cap : 2.2 Kg. Approx. for wheat/ Rice.

    Size : 51* 30 * 82.5 cm. (Approx

    Motor : 300W, 220V, 50c/s AC/DC Single Phase

    Uses : Separation of Granular and Foreign material

    Colour : White

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    Lab Aspirator

  • Lab Model Rice Polisher

    Type : Rice Polisher

    Shape : Rectangular

    Thickness : 100-200mm, 200-300mm, 300-400mm, 400-500mm

    Certification : ISO9001:2008

    Length : 1000-1500mm, 1500-2000mm, 2000-2500mm

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    Lab Model Rice Polisher

  • Lab Seed Grader

    Sample Size : 1 Kg. (in Case of Wheat)

    Screen Area : 38 * 25.4 cm.

    Weight/Size : 39 Kg. / 80Ã 54Ã 75 cm. (approx.)

    Motor : 0.50 H.P. Single Phase Supplied with a set of 10 Screens and 2 Trays

    We Cater : Institutes, Industries, Laboratories, Agriculture and Seed Technology Laboratories

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    Lab Seed Grader

  • Moisture Analyzer

    We are reckoned as one of the prime Moisture Analyzer Manufacturers and Exporters from India. The Moisture Analyzers, offered by us, are ideally designed to measure the moisture content in different conditions.

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    Moisture Analyzer

  • Plant Growth Chamber

    Type : Chamber

    Certification : Ce Certified

    Weight : 100-1000kg

    Color : Multi Colour

    Voltage : 220v

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    Plant Growth Chamber

  • Precision Divider

    Size : 38* 31* 51cm. (approx.)

    Hopper Capacity : 2kg POWER 0.5H.P. Single phase

    Material : Chrome Plated Brass and Mild Steel

    Principal : Centrifugal Action, Motor Driven

    Colour : Multi Colour

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    Precision Divider

  • Rice Sizing Device

    Type : Sizing Device

    Certification : CE Certified

    Color : Black, Brown

    Voltage : 220V

    Sample Capacity : 800 gms. Approx.

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    Rice Sizing Device

  • Sample Sheller

    ‘BLUEFIC INDUSTRIAL AND SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES’ is a trusted name when it comes to world class Sample Shellers. We manufacture and supply premium quality Sample Shellers that are made from wear resistant spares which give durability and strength to it.

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    Sample Sheller

  • Seed Analysis Kit

    Usage : Water Inspection

    Seed Size : 0.5 mm to 15 mm.

    Display : Seven Segment FND

    Accuracy : 100%

    Operating Mode : Manual

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    Seed Analysis Kit

  • Seed Bag Trier

    Usage : Seed Testing

    Type : Double Tube Probe

    Pack Type : Carton Box

    Material : SS

    uses : for field sample

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    Seed Bag Trier

  • Seed Blower

    Size : 48 x 56 x 86 cm. (Approx.) without tube

    Motor : 0.50 H.P. Single Phases

    Tube set (small) : 4.6 cm. diameter x 93 cm. length approx & 7.6 cm. dia x 93 cm. length approx.

    Tube set (Large) : 10 cm. diameter x 93 cm. height approx.

    Widely Used In : Institutes, Laboratories, Agriculture and Seed Technology Laboratories

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    Seed Blower

  • Seed Dial Caliper

    Type : Dial Caliper

    Color : Multicolor

    Voltage : 0-6VDC, 12-18VDC

    Application : Measuring Use

    Display Type : Digital

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    Seed Dial Caliper

  • Seed Germinator

    ‘BLUEFIC INDUSTRIAL AND SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES’ is proud to present Seed Germinator which is used to conduct various experiments on variety of seeds under different conditions of temperature and humidity.

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    Seed Germinator

  • Seed Grading Sieves

    Type : Grading Sieves

    Application : Seed Grading

    Certification : CE Certified

    Weight : 100-1000kg

    Color : Yellow

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    Seed Grading Sieves

  • Boerner Divider

    Size : 38"*17"*43" (H*W*D)

    No. Of Pockets : 38

    Hopper Capacity : 1Kg

    Material : Body and inner parts are made of either copper or brass.

    Body Material : Brass

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    Boerner Divider

Industrial Automation Instruments

Bluefic Industrial and Scientific Technologies is a sustainable name as an Industrial Automation Instruments Exporters India. Based in Haryana, we offer great customer services by ensuring that our products are of exclusive quality and available at rational prices to our clients globally. Our products are designed to save time and help reduce the operational cost to guarantee the business growth of our clients.

Our hired professionals work hard to provide clients with a vast collection of industrial Automation instruments to enhance productivity and reduce workplace hazards cost-effectively. We are also involved in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting of our fine quality products globally.

  • Cable Float Switch

    Type : Switch

    Material : NBR, Nylon

    Certification : CE Certified

    Application : Cable Float Levelling

    Voltage : 200VDC, 230VAC

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    Cable Float Switch

  • Circular Chart Recorder

    We are the most adhered manufacturers and exporters of Circular Chart Recorders. These Circular Chart Recorders are, offered by us, in various sizes, shapes, and equipments, as per the different applications of clients.

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    Circular Chart Recorder

  • Microprocessor Based PID Controller

    Power input : 85-264v.ac

    Sizes : 24*48mm, 48*48mm, 48*96mm, 72*72mm, 96*96 mm

    Ambient Temperature : 0 to 50 deg C

    Humidity : 20 to 90% RH (non-condensing)

    Panel Cutout : 44.5mmx44.5mm

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    Microprocessor Based PID Controller

  • Multifunction Meters

    Type : Meters

    Certification : CE Certified

    Weight : 200-300gm, 300-400gm

    Color : Multi Colour

    Voltage : 3-6VDC, 6-9VDC

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    Multifunction Meters

  • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

    Type : Infrared Thermometer

    Material : Plastic, UPVC

    Certification : CE Certified

    Length : 10-15cm

    Color : Silver

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    Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

  • Non-Contact Level Transmitter

    Power supply : 250v ac, 12-36 v dc

    Temp : -30°c to 100°c

    Pressure : 0.3 to 3 bar

    Measuring Range : 0.2 - 40 mtr

    Output : 4-20ma, rs 485, up to 8 relays

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    Non-Contact Level Transmitter

  • Proximity Sensor

    Type : Sensor

    Material : Metal

    Application : Detecting Metal Parts

    Color : Multi Colour

    Power : 15w, 20w, 25w

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    Proximity Sensor

  • RTD Sensor

    Certification : CE Certified

    Application : Temperature Scaling

    Voltage : 0-15VDC

    Frequency : 60Hz

    Power : 0-5W, 5-10W

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    RTD Sensor

  • Vibration Sensor

    Power Supply : 230V AC, 20-60 V DC

    Temp : 40°C to 130°C

    Pressure : Max 25 bar

    Output : SPDT

    Industries Where It Used : Industries, Agriculture

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    Vibration Sensor

Kitchen Equipment

We are renowned as one of the dependable Kitchen Equipments Manufacturers in India. The unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance has attracted various Institutes, Industries, Hotels etc.

  • Atta Kneading Machine

    We are counted as one amidst the prime Atta Kneading Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers, based in India. The unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance has made our Atta Kneading Machine distinguished from others available in the market.

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    Atta Kneading Machine

  • Chapati Plate cum Puffer

    Type : Plate cum Puffer

    Material : Cast Iron

    Shape : Rectangular

    Thickness : 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-40mm, 40-50mm, 50-60mm, 60-70mm

    Certification : ISI Certified

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    Chapati Plate cum Puffer

  • Chapati Warmer

    We are enlisted as one amidst the staggering Chapati Warmers Suppliers and Exporters from India. The Chapati Warmers, offered by us, are easy to operate, gives excellent results and requires low maintenance cost.

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    Chapati Warmer

  • Vegetable Cutting Machine

    We are renowned as one of the eminent Vegetable Cutting Machines Suppliers, based in India. The use of optimum quality materials in the manufacturing of the Vegetable Cutting Machines ensures high durability, robust construction and resistance to adverse conditions.

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    Vegetable Cutting Machine

  • Cooking Stove
    We are reputed as one amidst the major Cooking Stove Manufacturers and Exporters from India. The unmatched quality and excellent performance has attracted customers from different regions to place repeated orders. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Cooking Stoves at the

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    Cooking Stove

Other Products

  • Hot Air Oven

    Type : Air Oven

    Material : Aluminium, Stainless Steel

    Certification : CE Certified

    Application : Dry Heat To Sterilize

    Weight : 0-500kg

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    Hot Air Oven

  • Automatic Tissue Processor
    BTI 174 AUTOMATIC TISSUE PROCESSOR: Easy to do programming interface, LCD display shows all the parameters throughout the process, such as station number & remaining time. Automatic Tissue Processor is designed to prevent a solution to the rapid processing of tissue Histology Laboratory. Tissue

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    Automatic Tissue Processor

  • Electronic Instrument

    Type : Instrument

    Shape : Square

    Application : Weighing Goods

    Weight : 10-20kg, 20-30kg, 30-40kg, 40-50kg, 50-60kg, 60-70kg, 80-90kg

    Color : Multi Colour

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    Electronic Instrument

  • Physics Instruments

    Dimension : 31 X 27.5 X 41 Cm

    Weight : 7.08 Kg

    Gas pressure : 1.3x10-5 Hpa

    Colour : Multi Colour

    Material : Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Iron And Lead, wood

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    Physics Instruments

  • Chemistry Instruments

    Type : Instruments

    Material : Glass, HDPE, Laminated Glass

    Application : Science Laboratory Use

    Color : Multi Colour

    Variety : Flask, Glass, Microscope, Tubes Bowl

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    Chemistry Instruments

  • Biology Instruments

    We are enlisted as one amidst the staggering Biology Instruments Exporters from India. Various national as well as international clients are placing repeated orders for the Biology Instruments.

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    Biology Instruments

  • Garden Tools

    Type : Tools

    Certification : ISO 9001:2008

    Application : Boring

    Weight : 1.5kg

    Color : Multi Colour

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    Garden Tools

  • Semi Automatic Microtome
    BTI 167 SEMI AUTOMATIC MICROTOME BTI-167 SEMI characterizes a great combination of cost effective competence and user comfort. Semiautomatic microtome is the instrument of choice for clinical histology and histopathology applications. BTI-167 SEMI are used to produce thin sections of specimen of

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    Semi Automatic Microtome

  • Stability Chamber
    BTI129 STABILITY CHAMBERCreating ideal conditions for Industrial component / product research and Bio technical specification test. Most accurate and reliable chamber for long term high temperature and RH testing. Temp. range 10 c to 60 c with an accuracy +_ 0.5 c. Relative humidity range 35%RH to

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    Stability Chamber

  • Rotary Microtome

    ‘BLUEFIC INDUSTRIAL AND SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES’ is a reputed name among the prime Rotary Microtome manufacturers and suppliers based in Ambala City.

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    Rotary Microtome

  • Abbe Refractometer

    Type : Refractometer

    Material : Glass, Stainless Steel

    Application : Industrial

    Color : Multi Colour

    Feature : Anti Bacterial, High Accuracy

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    Abbe Refractometer

  • Over Head Projector

    Type : Projector

    Voltage : 220V

    Frequency : 60Hz

    Power : 100W, 10W, 1Kv, 200W, 20W

    Brightness : 0-2000Lms

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    Over Head Projector

  • Bacteriological Incubator

    Type : Incubator

    Material : Aluminum, Stainless Steel, PVC

    Certification : CE Certified

    Application : Industrial Use

    Color : White

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    Bacteriological Incubator

  • Laboratory Autoclave

    Type : Autoclave

    Material : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

    Shape : Vertical

    Thickness : 0-5mm, 10-15mm

    Certification : CE Certified

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    Laboratory Autoclave

  • Water Still

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Output Capacity (Approx) : Output approx. 2 liters per hour, Output approx. 3/4 liters per hour., Output approx. 5/6 liters per hour.

    Surface : Galvanised

    Power Supply : 230 Volts A.C

    Phase : Single Phase

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    Water Still

  • Serological Water Bath

    Type : Water Bath

    Material : Carbon Steel, Mild Steel

    Shape : Rectangular, Square

    Application : Bath

    Color : White

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    Serological Water Bath

  • Laboratory Muffle Furnace

    Material : Aluminum, Iron

    Certification : CE Certified

    Application : Heating Process

    Weight : 100-300kg

    Color : Multi Colour

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    Laboratory Muffle Furnace

  • Hot Plate
    �BLUEFIC INDUSTRIAL AND SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES� is a trusted name among the prime Hot Plates manufacturers and suppliers from Ambala City, Our Hot Plates have been a huge hit in the market because of... Body which is fabricated out of thick mild steel sheet Finished in white stoving

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    Hot Plate

  • Soxhlet Extraction Unit

    We, at ‘ BLUEFIC INDUSTRIAL AND SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES’, have developed world class Soxhlet Extraction Unit that is widely used in different laboratory related applications. The Soxhlet Extraction Unit provided by is known for

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    Soxhlet Extraction Unit

  • Environmental Chamber

    We are one of the celebrated Environmental chamber manufacturers and suppliers from Ambala City. Our Environmental chamber is ideally suited for creating conditions for Industrial component / product research and Bio technical specification test.

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    Environmental Chamber

  • Mortuary Chamber

    ‘BLUEFIC INDUSTRIAL AND SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES’ is one of the leading Mortuary chamber manufacturers and suppliers from Ambala City.

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    Mortuary Chamber

  • Incinerator

    We, at ‘BLUEFIC INDUSTRIAL AND SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES’ have developed an efficient and effective Incinerator that is widely used in laboratories for disposal of pathological wastes.

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  • Bone & Meat Cutting Machine

    Type : Cutting Machine

    Certification : CE Certified

    Weight : 100-1000kg

    Color : Multi Colour

    Voltage : 220V

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    Bone & Meat Cutting Machine

  • Blood Bank Refrigerator

    Type : Refrigerator

    Certification : CE Certified

    Color : Multi Colour

    Feature : Auto Temperature Mentainance, Easy To Operate

    Voltage : 220V

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    Blood Bank Refrigerator

  • Rectangular Centrifuge

    Type : Centrifuge

    Certification : CE Certified

    Weight : 10-20Kg

    Color : White

    Voltage : 220V

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    Rectangular Centrifuge

  • Magnetic Stirrer

    Warranty : 1 year

    Capacity : 1 litr., 2 ltrs., 5 ltrs.

    Large Work Surface, : 7.5 x 7.5 inch

    Space Saving Design : 8 x 9 in. Footprint

    Weight : 2.5 Kg

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    Magnetic Stirrer

  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
    BTI144 REFRIGERATED CENTRIFUGE Bench Top High Speed General Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge, will step less speed control, digital speed meter pre-set digital (with load) timer, with bypass switch, lid lock, imbalance safety device, zero start inter lock, break and illuminated switch. CFC Free

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    Refrigerated Centrifuge

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