Things To Know About Bacteriological Incubator

Posted by Admin on July, 07, 2021

In microbiology, the incubator is an enclosed and insulated device which offers optimal humidity, temperature and other environmental condition which is need for the growth of the organisms. This is one of the most important equipment for the laboratories and also for the cultivation of microorganisms under artificial conditions. These are also used for the cultivation of both multicellular and unicellular organisms.

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How do Incubators work?
• The microorganisms have a particular set of parameters for their development and growth and based on this principle the incubator is designed.
• All these incubators are based on this concept and when the organisms are provided with the optimal conditions of the humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels try to divide and grow to from organisms.
• A constant temperature is maintained by the thermostat in the incubator. This can be read from the outside via the thermometer.
• Utilizing the no-heating and heating cycles the temperature is maintained.
• During the time of the heating cycle, the incubator is heated by the thermostat and during the no-heating period, the heated is completely terminated or stopped. By radiating heat, the incubator is cooled to the surrounding temperature.
• An isolated condition is found inside the cabinet from the outside insulation. This is what allows the microorganisms to grow.
• In the same way the airflow and humidity are also painted using various mechanisms which creates an environment similar to the natural environment of the microorganism.
• Incubators also have some adjustments which help them maintain the concentration of CO2. This balances the humidity and PH which is required for the growth of the organism.
• There are different types of incubator such as the shaking incubator which is also available. This allows for the continuous movement of the culture that is required for the solubility studies and cell aeration.

How To Use?
Follow these steps while using an incubator.
• Before you use this device make sure that it has no items remaining in the incubator from the cycle performed earlier. If you keep on using the same thing again and again then it can be problematic and you have to perform the cycle in the same way as earlier.
• Close the door of the incubator and then switch it on. The incubator has to be heated up to the temperature that is needed for the growth of the organisms. Use the thermometer to check the temperature.
• Also if the organism need CO2 at a definite level and humidity along with it make sure that you have set the incubator in the right way.
• When all these parameters are set plate the Petri dish culture. This is important to collect the surface of the medium and prevent the isolated colonies from occurring.
• The plates are sealed with the use of adhesive tapes if you need to incubate the Petri dish culture for days. These can also be placed in a plastic food container or plastic bags.

• Used for growing cell culture and microbial culture.
• These are used to maintain the culture of the organism and then used later.
There are plenty of uses more as well. Make sure that you follow the precautions and use it correctly.
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